As the summer comes to an end, we have to say goodbye to our seasonal field staff. This group of amazing individuals helped collect data, led the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) project, banded Mountain Bluebirds, organized volunteers and produced written and visual content to support our core programs. We hope that in the future we are able to get a group of individuals who are as passionate and dedicated as this crew was. We wish them the best as they move forward in their promising careers.

Here’s a bit about where each is going next:

Lead Bird Bander Kate Maley (top left) is headed to the Midwest to band owls at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth, Minnesota. This long-term research station primarily looks at Northern Saw-whet Owls in hopes of learning about migration and population demographics.

Assistant Bird Bander Max Frankenberry (top right) is headed to Casper, Wyoming to help conduct eagle surveys at wind energy sites, in hopes of lowering mortality rates while promoting compatibility between new energy technology and wildlife. Max will also be helping conduct a bumblebee study with the USGS.

Summer Intern Victoria Hollingsworth (lower right) is headed over the hill to live in Victor, Idaho in hopes of pursuing a job in outdoor and art education. She is looking forward to meeting new people and continuing her passions.

Summer Intern Tyler McIntosh’s (lower left) next stop is the big island of Hawaii, where he will help organize and teach an environmental field science program for undergraduate students. He is excited about the opportunity to continue developing his skills as an educator and passing along his passion for the natural world. He also won’t complain about exploring the Hawaiian reefs and beaches! In the future, Tyler hopes to work on conservation and management issues with non-profits and government agencies in the American West. He seeks to integrate community-engaged decision making with conservation research while providing meaningful educational opportunities.

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