Quick Tips for Nature Mappers

Veteran Nature Mappers will notice changes to the data entry platform starting October 14th, 2019. These changes are designed as upgrades to improve user experience by allowing citizen-scientists to submit wildlife observations “offline” on mobile devices. The upgrades also enable users to submit photos with their observations, add specialized projects with custom data fields, and enhance the platform’s overall security. Read the press release. 

To enter your wildlife observations, you’ll need to navigate to naturemapping.jhwildlife.org or use one of the links provided on this website. The links and resource materials on this page will help guide you through the data entry process and provide specific skills needed by Nature Mappers. To officially get started with Nature Mapping, you will need to contact JHWF about attending a training session.

Submit your wildlife sightings

Submit sightings for casual observations, project backyard, mountain bluebird nestbox moniotoring and more at our website naturemapping.jhwidlife.org.

Become a certified Nature Mapper

Please check here to see when the next training will be. At this initial training, you will receive login credentials

Data entry and account tips

Learn how to enter sightings in our Nature Mapping Jackson Hole platform. 


Wyoming Species List

An updated list of the many wildlife species which make their home in the state of Wyoming.  

NMJH Program Goals


  • Keeping common species common (studying all species not just high-profile species or species of concern)
  • Increasing citizen’s knowledge of and appreciation for wildlife in Teton County, WY.
  • Engaging citizens in long-term wildlife data collection.
  • Informing management decisions that favor wildlife sustainability.
  • Contribute data to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s Wildlife Observation System (WOS) to augment state data.


Useful Links 

Nature Mapping Login 

History of the Program

Meg and Bert Raynes 

Data Request


Learn how to enter an observation in “Project Backyard” and “Casual Observations.”

Learn how to edit a sighting and navigate the data entry homepage.

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