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KHOL 89.1 Community Radio PSA

FRIDAY, Feb. 1, 2019

JHWF radio PSA on driver awareness and preventing wildlife-vehicle collisions in Teton County. Read courtesy of Jackson Hole Moose Hockey Goalie Nick Kraus.


Landscape Level Ecology: Cultivating Connections Between People and Land

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 12, 2018

By Jon Mobeck | Mosaic

Mosaic Magazine is a product of the Tetons 2020 effort led by the Charture Institute and Jonathan Schechter. It is a response to the vision outlined by Teton County and Jackson City Council in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan from 2012. Mosaic will address different aspects of the health of the region’s ecosystem. READ THE FULL EDITION.   READ THE ARTICLE.

52 New Bluebird Nestboxes

Scout and refuge aid bluebirds

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 21, 2016
By Bert Raynes | Jackson Hole News&Guide

Back in October 52 new bluebird houses went up on the National Elk Refuge. The nesting boxes are the result of a community partnership dedicated to wildlife conservation and a bird-loving Eagle Scout candidate.

Wooden boxes dot the refuge’s western boundary, making up the largest registered mountain bluebird trail in the continental United States. Since 2004 Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation volunteers have maintained the bluebird trail by checking boxes, recording use and cleaning the boxes between broods. READ THE ARTICLE

Aly, Kate and Jon receive award from Ben Wise

Wildlife Foundation honored for fence work

TUESDAY, Nov. 22, 2016
By Mike Koshmrl | Jackson Hole News & Guide

The Wildlife Society’s Wyoming chapter has honored a Jackson-based nonprofit organization for the work it has completed to remove fences and make the local landscape more permeable for wildlife.

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation is the recipient of the society’s 2016 Citizen of the Year Award for its Wildlife Friendlier Fencing Program. READ THE ARTICLE

A Moose Using a Snake River Levee Ramp

Dike gets critter ramps

By Mike Koshmlr | Jackson Hole News & Guide

It’s hard to imagine, but moose, elk and other hoofed critters struggle to navigate the engineered piles of rocks and boulders that hold back the Snake River throughout much of Jackson Hole.

The levees, in other words, are a major wildlife impediment — among their many other impacts on the natural regime. READ THE ARTICLE

Tim Griffith Nature Mapping Jackson Hole Volunteer

Retired biologist fulfills dreams

WEDNESDAY, April 27, 2016
By Isa Jones | Jackson Hole News&Guide

Tim Griffith went to college to study wildlife biology and received a master’s degree in the field. But it took almost a lifetime, and a move from the Midwest to Jackson Hole, for him to finally use his education and indulge in his true passion: studying wildlife.

“This is the first time in my life I’ve really been able to actually do what I went to school to do,” Griffith said. “It’s really fun for me to have the opportunity to become a wildlife researcher again.” READ THE ARTICLE

Photo Credit: RYAN DORGAN
Jackson Hole News&Guide

Frances Clark of Nature Mapping JH in the news photo by Ryan Jones

Countin’ critters

By Mike Koshmrl | Jackson Hole News & Guide

The find of the day came before Frances Clark even had much of a chance to leave her car.

Pulled over near Gros Ventre Junction, Clark was peering into a spotting scope fixed on a small yellow-chested bird perched atop a shrub. The spotting, at least for a birder in early March, was an exciting one. READ THE ARTICLE

Photo credit: RYAN JONES
Jackson Hole News & Guide

Wolverine the Subject of the Nature Mapping Potluck

Potluck to feature talk on wolverines, lynx

By Kelsey Dayton | Jackson Hole News & Guide

Nature mappers — volunteers who look for and document wildlife sightings — are always hoping to see something unusual.

Jason Wilmot, a wildlife biologist with the Bridger-Teton National Forest, spends his days tracking wolverines and lynx, two of the area’s most difficult-to-spy species. READ THE ARTICLE

Photo Credit: KORY PETTMAN

Highway 390 sees dip in road-killed critters

By Mike Koshmrl | Jackson Hole News & Guide

Not a single moose was reportedly hit by a Highway 390 motorist in 2015, good news for a stretch of road that’s been plagued by collisions in the past.

The 7.5 miles of Highway 390 between Wilson and Teton Village had been the site of at least 36 moose collisions in the previous five years, but the West Bank community mobilized to make a number of changes that appear to be saving the lives of moose. READ THE ARTICLE

Moose Day 2016 Survey Results Photo Credit Kathy McCurdy

Moose Day Survey remains steady


The eighth annual Moose Day Jackson Hole survey was conducted on Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in collaboration with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

73 volunteers from trained Nature Mapping Citizen Scientists, Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Bridger-Teton National Forest personnel took part spending an estimated 223 hours of volunteer time. 99 individual moose were observed in 58 individual search areas. READ THE ARTICLE


Frances Clark of Nature Mapping JH in the news photo by Ryan Jones

Enjoy seeing wildlife in Jackson Hole? Become a volunteer nature mapper


Here in Jackson Hole wildlife is everywhere. We see moose in our front yards, elk crossing the road, eagles soaring above town and bears in the park.

Nature Mapping Jackson Hole, a program of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, enables residents who enjoy observing local wildlife to put those observations to use. READ THE ARTICLE

Jon Mobeck Named Executive Director of JHWF

Mobeck to take the helm of JH Wildlife Foundation

By Mike Koshmrl | Jackson Hole News & Guide

A former Murie Center staffer has been named the next executive director of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation.

Jon Mobeck, a decadelong Jackson Hole resident who recently moved away, will take over at the foundation for the departed Cory Hatch. For the past year Mobeck has worked for the Wild Foundation in Boulder, Colorado. The Wildlife Foundation hire brings him back to Teton County. READ THE ARTICLE

HWY 390 Speed Signs

Signs to slow drivers go up on Village Road

By Mike Koshmrl | Jackson Hole News & Guide

Nearly four years after motorists hit and killed nearly a dozen moose, conservation groups and road managers continue to tweak Highway 390 to try to make it safer for wildlife.

The latest addition to the heavily trafficked road, which runs from Highway 22 to Teton Village, is two new fixed radar speed-detector signs that flash warnings when motorists cruise above the speed limit. READ THE ARTICLE

JHWF Pulling Down Fences to Improve Elk Migration Corridors

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation Pulling Down Fences to Improve Elk Migration Corridors

By Tony Hansen | Outdoor Life Magazine

Fences. Perhaps the only item more symbolic of a lack of public access than a “No Trespassing” sign is a fence.

Three strands or five. Barbed or high-tensile. A fence sends a pretty clear message: Keep out. To wildlife, it can carry another message: Death. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation is trying to change that, one mile at a time. READ THE ARTICLE

Photo credit: DAVID J. SWIFT
Outdoor Life Magazine

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