Moose-Vehicle Collisions Climb in Latest Report

Our latest Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Summary Report shows that the number of moose killed in collisions jumped to its highest level in almost ten years. Read more here.

Three Cheers for a Successful Fence Season!

We recently wrapped up our annual slate of wildlife-friendlier fencing projects with a wintry, Wyoming Public Lands Day fence-pull at Bryan Flats. Big thanks to all the volunteers who supported us in the field this year! 

Wildlife Conservation in Action

Our Wildlife-Friendlier Fencing Program has worked for over 20 years to reduce barriers to wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Area. We’re halfway through the 2019 season and our dedicated volunteers show no signs of slowing down!  


Our Programs

Wildlife Friendlier Fencing

Each year, we organize hundreds of volunteers to remove or modify fences to make them friendlier to wildlife movement. We rely on the voluntary engagement of private landowners and public agencies as we work to reduce migratory barriers and improve landscape permeability for our wild neighbors.

Nature Mapping Jackson Hole

Nature Mapping Jackson Hole, founded by Meg and Bert Raynes and friends, provides an opportunity for citizen scientists to contribute to our local wildlife knowledge base. The collective observations create a long-term baseline dataset of wildlife distribution throughout Jackson Hole. Log your observations at

Give Wildlife a Brake

In 1994, JHWF launched a multi-faceted wildlife-vehicle collision reduction campaign with immediate mitigation measures on Jackson Hole’s highways to make roads safer for people and wildlife. We also now compile and distribute data that informs future transportation planning with partners such as the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Farewell Mountain Bluebirds!

Migration is underway! This summer, volunteers monitored over 100 nestboxes on our Mountain Bluebird Nestbox Trail on the western boundary of the National Elk Refuge. Highlights from 2019 include the banding of 43 nestling bluebirds and “resighting” of 4 bluebirds, several from the 2017 cohort!

Read About Us!

Share in our stories from the field as we work to maintain wildlife friendly landscapes in Wyoming.

Our Mission


The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation works to promote ways for our community to live compatibly with wildlife.


Watch us in Action

Nature Mapping, Give Wildlife a Break and Wildlife Friendlier Fencing are all programs designed to foster wildlife friendly landscapes in Wyoming. Follow along with videos from the field!

JHWF by the Numbers

Songbirds Banded in 2018 at MAPS Bird Banding Stations

Miles of Wildlife-Obstructive Fence Removed or Improved in the Greater Yellowstone area

Citizen Scientist "Nature Mappers" Trained in Jackson Hole

Digital Message Signs Purchased to Alert Drivers in Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Hotspots

Volunteer "Fence Team" Field Hours in 2018

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Henry Holdsworth
Mark Gocke
Steve Morriss
Sava Malachowski
Leine Stikkel
Tim Griffith
Jon Mobeck

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