2016 Wildlife Friendlier Fencing Wrapped Up

Thanks to all the volunteers who joined us on our last Wildlife Friendlier Fencing at Tank Trap on Oct. 9, 2016. If you couldn’t make it to the fence project, you can live vicariously through these stunning photos by Sava Malachowski of Open Range Films.
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This year was a special time to attend one of our 22 projects since it was our 20th year helping open up crucial migration corridors by removing and/or replacing obsolete fencing. The commitment of volunteers is always inspiring, since some of the projects took place in challenging weather and difficult terrain. This particular project in Grand Teton National Park provided an excellent example of the dedication of volunteers who negotiated river banks, thick willows and wetlands to remove decades old metal structures that no longer serve their original purpose of river bank stabilization. We’re grateful for the efforts of so many volunteers to remove unnecessary obstacles and hazards to wildlife movement.

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Our Amazing Wildlife Friendlier Fencing Volunteers by the Numbers!

Year Projects Volunteers Project Hours Volunteer Hours In-Kind Labor $
2016 22 320 112 1623 $38,952
2015 16 229 104 1096 $26,304
2014 19 299 143 819 $19,656
2013 25 400 129 1880 $45,120
2012 22 321 125 1702 $40,848
5-yr. Total 104 1569 613 7120 $170,880

20th Anniversary of Wildlife Friendlier Fencing VIDEO

We’re celebrating the fence program’s legacy, which highlights the commitment of a community to respect wildlife – and demonstrate that commitment via action. This brief video below showcases some of the photos of fence projects through the years.

Thank you to all the volunteers and these photographers:

• Ernie LaBelle
• Robert Aland
• Sava Malachowski
• Henry Holdsworth
• Mark Gocke
• Timothy C. Mayo
• Jon Mobeck
• and anyone we’ve forgotten!

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