In Loving Memory of our amazing friend and JHWF family member Greg Griffith

In Loving Memory of our amazing friend and JHWF family member Greg Griffith

Greg Griffith - JHWF Super Volunteer
On behalf of us all at JHWF, we are so very shocked and saddened over the sudden passing of our amazing volunteer, Fence Program Leader Greg Griffith. We are so very grateful to have known him and be witness to his incredible passion–helping to keep wildlife safe.

Greg was a man of honor, respect, and loyalty and he was so deeply devoted to any project he was working on. What Greg valued most was the commitment of the Fence Volunteers who gave up many hours every year helping him get projects completed. On our behalf, Greg had an incredible relationship with our agency partners, private and public land owners, schools, non-profit groups, corporations, ranchers, wranglers, and so many others. His time spent in organizing on behalf of JHWF and for wildlife was endless. His passion was to always keep wildlife as the focus of his work. He never once waivered to what may be easier- he stood up for wildlife, for wilderness and for conservation. Greg remained diplomatic, working many times on two sides of a fence with his goal in the end to be a win-win for people and the wildlife they were interacting with.

He had led the Fence program to the highest standard ever, getting the materials needed, transporting equipment, collecting data, constant due diligence, site recons, and then running the project days. He educated volunteers with regard to what the project day would be, the safety steps, and so many other things, always showing us on project days how to work together and be open to learn from one another. He was passionate about his role at JHWF and it showed immensely. He was brilliant in his knowledge of wildlife and fencing and habitat and he spent so many hours prepping for a project and engineering what would have the least impact on the wildlife. Greg was truly one of a kind.

As our community and our wildlife mourn the loss of Greg, we thank you for your emotional support, especially to Greg’s family and friends. He led a very private life and in deep respect for Greg and how he chose to live his life, we ask for your prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. We would be honored to pass on any notes you may have for Greg’s family. If you wish to do so, please mail them to our JHWF office with attention to Greg’s Family and we will pass them along. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation Fence program will go on and we will do our best to continue the very important work that Greg dedicated his life to. We owe that to Greg and his precious wildlife.

With our deepest sympathy, Aly, Bob, Cory, Dan, Dawson, Geneva, Gretchen, Henry, Steve B., Steve M., and Sue

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