By Troy Koser | PhD Candidate, Montana State University

Dear Nature Mappers,

Do you love moose and frequently see them in or around your home?

If so, we would like for you to consider participating in a scientific project studying the interactions between moose, winter ticks, and climate in the Jackson Hole area.

We are specifically looking for landowners to grant researchers access to their properties so that they can collect data on winter ticks and moose health.

The project is also looking for participants who would be willing to have researchers erect experimental plots with ticks that would be monitored from Spring 2020-Fall 2020.

The details of the project are explained in this Moose Citizen Science Engagement document and the U.S. Geological Service permission forms for both studies are included here (first study), and here (second study).

The “Exp Plot and Surveys” permission form grants permission for both study components while the “Surveys” permission form only grants access to collect sample, but not establish an experimental plot.

Thank you for your consideration and time. Please feel free to contact me, Troy Koser, with any questions about the project or winter tick-moose interactions in general!


Troy Koser

PhD Student at Montana State University

Bozeman Disease Ecology Lab

School Email:

Personal Email:

Cell: 5013582807

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