For every mile and a quarter of fence, one big game animal (deer, moose, elk or pronghorn) will die, either by becoming tangled in a fence or by being unable to navigate around it. To reduce that impact on wildlife, we partner with government agencies, ranchers and other landowners to remove obsolete fence or modify existing fence to make the fencing more wildlife-friendly. We have already removed or modified over 215 miles of fence in more than 25 years of the Wildlife Friendlier Fencing Program!

Our work is done by dedicated volunteers who are supported by a small and efficient staff. We have calculated that every fence removal project costs the organization $500 to execute. Would you be willing to sponsor or partially sponsor one of our fence projects for the coming year? If you can, we will be pleased to add your name as a sponsor of the Wildlife Friendlier Fencing program.  We’ll also provide you with a report on the season’s results along with some fun “action shots” when work concludes in the fall.

Donations can be made right here or by sending a check to JHWF, PO Box 8042, Jackson WY, 83002. JHWF is a 501(c)(3) organization and that means your contribution is fully tax deductible.

Thanks for helping us make wildlife migration easier!

Sponsor a Fence Project at one of the following levels:

Moose – $500
Elk – $250
Antelope – $100

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