By Renee Seidler

At a recent County Commission meeting, Commissioners decided to hold a workshop to discuss proposals to develop the Stilson lot at the corner of WY22 and WY390.

Proposals from Teton County Parks and Recreation may include: multiple softball and soccer fields, fencing around ball fields, pickle ball courts, housing, recycling, a daycare center, a retail shop and a playground.


Wildlife Crossing Structures May Be Compromised

Teton County and WYDOT are spending a combined $7.65 million dollars to build wildlife crossing structures for the safe passage of moose, elk, deer and other species and to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. Two of these structures currently open into the Stilson lot area. Proposals to develop this lot could greatly compromise wildlife ability to use and move across the landscape.

Proposed development plan for Stilson lot area.

Amenities such as ball fields and retail buildings not only take up habitat that animals will no longer be able to use, but they also mean more cars and more people, equating to even greater disturbance to wildlife. Wyoming Game and Fish data show extensive seasonal and year-round use of the Stilson lot by both moose and elk. These animals use the habitat that surrounds the current parking lot for resting, foraging, and migrating.

Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust

Currently, the Stilson lot is ringed by an easement held by the county. This easement was created in 1997 and was meant to preserve Open Space for wildlife habitat, scenic resources, and/or agricultural uses. This easement was gifted to the county by the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in trade for modified development rights north of Stilson lot, a trade meant to offset the impact of denser development in a rural residential zone. If development expands inside the Stilson easement it could severely reduce the quality of the Scenic Preserve’s Open Space and set a precedent that could challenge the protection of other land easements in our county. In this community, where we have committed to preserve and protect the area’s ecosystem to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy for current and future generations, we cannot afford to lose protected habitat.

Participate in the Process

If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to reach out to your County Commissioners. At the June 26th Board of County Commissioners Workshop, at 10:00 am, there will be an opportunity for public comment. You can also write a letter to the Commissioners and send it to You can also contact us at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation office with any questions: 307-739-0968. Your voice is important in preserving our ecosystem and wildlife.

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