January Sightings

The map above shows the Casual Observations submitted to the Nature Mapping JH database in December. Some of these observations have not been verified.

Other Highlights

We set what was likely a record with 399 wildlife observations submitted last month! While Ross MacIntyre, Kate Gersh, Julie Robinson, Pam Strickland, and Louise Haberfeld answered our call to submit weasel sightings in (and will be entered into our prize drawing) January was all about ungulates and birds…

Alex Patia logged several roadkill incidents involving Ruffed Grouse along Highway 89 near the north end of Jackson Lake.

Barbara Cassell, Michael Lane, and David Howk, Kathy McCurdy and Mary Ellen Fausone all reported moose along the Gros Ventre River. Michael and David also reported Bison at the Kelly Warm Springs. Moose were also observed further north in Grand Teton National Park, up Pacific and the Buffalo Fork near Moran, while Paula Menghetti nature-mapped a moose in the Lawrence S. Rockefeller Reserve parking lot.

Jasmine Cutter reported Evening Grosbeaks and Bohemian Waxwings (two sporadic winter species) in Moose, Frances Clark saw a Northern Shrike on the Moose-Wilson Road, and KO Stronbehn observed a flock of Trumpeter Swans flying only feet above the Snake River near Wilson Bridge.

Kathy McCurdy reported new beaver activity in the upper reaches of Game Creek, Susan Marsh and Michael Lane reported Rough-legged Hawks on the National Elk Refuge, Andrew Carson reported a Spotted Towhee in Wilson, and Chuck Harris reported a flock of 55 House Sparrows in Rafter J.

Up in Yellowstone, Mark Gocke reported a bobcat feeding on a deer carcass in the Firehole Canyon (we’re guessing he got some good photos) and Pam Strickland observed a short-tailed weasel in the frozen winter-scape of the Hayden Valley.

In Teton Valley, sightings included Hilary Turner’s report of a Northern Goshawk and porcupine along Bates Road, Jacquelyn Seguin observation of a moose near Valley Lumber, Marianne Sturken sighting of a Golden Eagle and Cassin’s Finch east of Victor, and Julie Robinson reported a weasel with a dark-tipped tail along Darby Creek.

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