Speed Limit Enforcement Fund

Update: January 28, 2021*

  Traffic Stops Citations Patrol Hrs.
November 81 9 36
December 57 6 31
January  61 1 24

*All statistics reflect direct patrol on Hwy 390 (Teton Village Road) and will be updated monthly

Launched the first week of November, the citizen-initiated, Speed Limit Enforcement Fund enables increased enforcement of posted speed limits along Teton Village Road by deputies of the Teton County Sheriff’s Office.

Our initial goal was to raise sufficient funds for ten hours of “direct patrol enforcement” per week for ten weeks. Funding of new patrols is a direct response to an outpouring of community concern for the high rate of wildlife-vehicle collisions on this stretch of roadway, as increased driver speed is directly tied to heightened chances of wildlife-vehicle collisions, especially at night. As of mid-January 2021, we have raised over $24,000 for the speed limit enforcement fund. 

We encourage those interested in long-term coverage of this and other roadways to contact commissoners@tetonwyo.org to inquire about the approval of a new Deputy FTE to focus on speed enforcement, part of which would include the Village Road.

Please Note: Fundraising for the Speed Limit Enforcement Fund has temporarily been paused. We are not accepting donations earmarked for the program at this time. Updates will be provided here as information becomes available. For questions please email info@jhwildlife.org.

While the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation served as the fiscal agent for the Speed Limit Enforcement Fund, we rely on competitive grants and the generosity of donors to continue to serve the Jackson community.

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