By Troy Koser
Hello JHWF Community!
Are you a property owner who lives or owns land around Jackson or Wilson, WY? If so, then we could use your help on a research project helping the local Jackson moose population! My name is Troy Koser, a PhD student at Montana State University, and I’m studying winter ticks which are a serious pest to moose in the area. This Fall (August – October) I am sampling properties around Wilson and Jackson for winter ticks using a noninvasive technique known as a “tick drag”. Tick drags simply involve a surveyor dragging a white piece of cloth across available vegetation on the property and extracting ticks; no vegetation will be sampled or harmed and only ticks will be removed from the property. Sampling would take 1-3 hours and will take place on a single day in August, in September, and in October (three sampling days across the entirety of the Fall season). We will suggest sampling dates but these dates are flexible and you can reschedule to a more convenient time and date.  All you need to do to participate in the study is sign this permission form. If you would like additional information about the project, please see the attached project description. We are especially interested in sampling properties at the following locations:
  • Properties along HHR Ranch Road
  • Properties along Fish Creek Road
  • Properties along Fall Creek Road
  • Properties in The Aspens
  • Properties in Teton Pines
  • Properties in Indian Creek Ranch
Even if you do not live in these areas, we’d still be interested in sampling your property.
Thanks for your help!
Troy Koser
Ph. D. Student
Bozeman Disease Ecology Lab
Montana State University
pronouns: him/his/him
cell: 5013582807

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