Help us reach our '30 for 30' goal

Our goal this month is to raise $30,000 to match another $30,000 pledged by a generous group of donors.

Fundraising Update: 6/1/2023

We’re proud to report that we’ve exceeded our goal of raising $30,000 to match an additional $30,000 donated by a generous group of challengers. Our total amount raised during the month of May was $62,652 from 64 individual donors! Thank you all so much! 

’30 for 30′ Thirtieth Anniversary Campaign

In May, JHW celebrated our thirtieth anniversary with a fundraising campaign we called “30 for 30.”  Between April 30 and May 30, we set a goal of raising $30,000 to match another $30,000 pledged by a group of challengers. Thus, our total goal was to raise $60,000 during the month of May!

To sweeten the pot, every person who donated to the “30 for 30” campaign was entered into a raffle and is eligible to win donated items from some of Jackson Hole’s well-known businesses such as New West KnifeWorks and Trilipderm

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