Help us reach our '30 for 30' goal

Our goal this month is to raise $30,000 to match another $30,000 pledged by a generous group of donors.

Fundraising Update: 5/17/2023

Incredibly, we’ve raised over $26,000 through the first 17 days of May! This total includes additional contributions made by our original challengers and generous gifts from individual donors. When combined with the challenger’s original $30,000 pledge our total amount raised is $56,434, which leaves us less than $4,000 shy of our original “30 for 30” goal. Will you help us close the gap?

’30 for 30′ Thirtieth Anniversary Campaign

This month, JHWF is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary with a fundraising campaign we’re calling “30 for 30.”  Between April 30 and May 30, we’ve set a goal of raising $30,000 to match another $30,000 pledged by a group of challengers. Thus, our total goal is to raise $60,000 during the month in May!

To sweeten the pot, every person who donates to the “30 for 30” campaign will be entered into a raffle and eligible to win donated items from some of Jackson Hole’s well-known businesses such as New West KnifeWorks and Trilipderm.

Celebrate Wildlife!

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