Keep Bears Wild and People Safe

Human conflicts are the leading cause of bear mortality. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation partners with agencies and organizations to keep bears wild!

Bear-Proof Your Trash

It is our responsibility to prevent conflicts with bears when we live in wild country.

Bear Wise Jackson Hole Projects

Be Bear Wise! Secure your trash to prevent conflict with bears, carry bear spray when venturing into bear country, and watch for the Bear Wise Education Trailer around Jackson Hole to learn more about compatible living with bears. It’s our responsibility and privilege to be good neighbors!

Bear-Resistant Garbage Storage

If you live in a conflict priority area 1 in Teton County, Wyoming you are required to use bear-resistant garbage containers or storage. This map, courtesy of Wyoming Game and Fish, shows the locations of some human-black bear conflicts in Teton County since the early 2000’s.  Compliance with this regulation will protect you and your family, your property and bears. If you do experience a wildlife conflict, please call Wyoming Game & Fish – early intervention protects wildlife. If you have residential garbage service, then please request a bear-resistant garbage container if you do not have one already or if yours is not working properly – remember it must latch to be effective. If you do not have garbage service, the Ace Hardware store on Broadway in Jackson can order a bear-resistant container for you.

Bear-Proof Trash Cans in Teton Village Pilot Project

We received a grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole to purchase 20 next generation, bear-resistant trash containers. These containers work with automated trash collection equipment and do not require the operator to open manually the container to empty it. Wyoming Game and Fish identified Teton Village as their highest priority area to reduce conflicts between bears and people through improving compliance with garbage storage requirements. We plan to purchase and deploy the containers this spring in collaboration with WG&F and local trash collection providers.

Bear Wise Trailer Outreach & Education Project

Be on the look out for the Bear Wise Education Trailer. Possible locations are Jenny Lake, String Lake, Teton Village, Cache Creek, Phillips Pass and other trailheads, the top of Teton Pass and area Visitor Centers.

Bear Spray Dissemination & Training

Bear Wise Education Trailer activities include training in the use of bear spray (using inert bear spray), so people won’t be afraid to carry it and will know how to use if safely. Bikers, look for special bear spray holders designed for use in your water bottle cage. Hunters, we continue our bear spray giveaway program in partnership with Wyoming Game & Fish. The good news from the Game & Fish biologists is that many hunters during the 2015 big game hunting season already had some!


Tips for Avoiding Conflict with Bears

  • Store garbage in certified bear-resistant garbage cans or dumpsters.
  • Keep garbage containers inside a secure building until the morning of pickup.
  • Store recyclable containers, such as pop cans, indoors; the sweet smells attract bears.
  • Store especially smelly garbage, such as meat or fish scraps, in a freezer until it can be taken to a refuse site.
  • Do not leave food from barbeques and picnics outdoors, especially overnight; coolers are not bear-proof.
  • Replace hummingbird feeders with hanging flower baskets which are also attractive to hummingbirds.
  • Store pet food inside and feed pets inside.
  • Clean and store barbeque grills after each use, put them in a secure shed or garage.
  • Pick fruit from trees as soon as its ripe and collect fallen fruit immediately.
  • Do not put out feed for wildlife (corn, oats, pellets, three-way, nor molasses blocks). It is harmful to wildlife and prohibited by a Teton County Ordinance.
Bear Wise Education Trailer
Bikes Bring Bear Spray

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