Keeping Bears Wild and People Safe

Human conflicts are the leading cause of bear mortality. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation partners with agencies and organizations to keep bears wild!

Update: Spring Emergence is Underway

Did you know that adult male grizzly bears begin to emerge from hibernation in mid-March, while females and cubs generally emerge slightly later, between April and early May?

Bears emerge from hibernation with an appetite, and will begin searching for food, often scavenging the carcasses of animals that died during the winter. During this time, bears may display aggressive behavior towards humans if approached while feeding on carcasses.

Please remain vigilant, especially while venturing into the backcountry!

What is BearWise Jackson Hole?

BearWise Jackson Hole is a decades long partnership between the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation. We are a subsidiary of the BearWise Wyoming program. BearWise Jackson Hole provides resources and outreach intended to keep bears wild and people safe.

Check out our BearWise Jackson Hole PSA by clicking the video above!

Additional Tips for Avoiding Conflict with Bears, at Home and on the Trails!

  • Keep garbage containers inside a secure building until the morning of pickup.
  • Store recyclable containers, such as pop cans, indoors; the sweet smells attract bears.
  • Store especially smelly garbage, such as meat or fish scraps, in a freezer until it can be taken to a refuse site.
  • Do not leave food from barbeques and picnics outdoors, especially overnight; coolers are not bear-proof.
  • Replace hummingbird feeders with hanging flower baskets which are also attractive to hummingbirds.
  • Pick fruit from trees as soon as its ripe and collect fallen fruit immediately.
  • Do not put out feed for wildlife (corn, oats, pellets, three-way, nor molasses blocks). It is harmful to wildlife and prohibited by a Teton County Ordinance.
  • Keep a clean camp, when camping. Store all attractants, including coolers, cooking gear, and pet food, inside a bear box or a hard-sided vehicle with the windows rolled up.
  • Travel in groups of four or more (when possible) in the backcountry. Carry bear spray and know how to use it. 
Bear Wise Education Trailer

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation funded the purchase of the “bear trailer” (above) which is used by us and our partners for education and outreach around Jackson Hole!

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