Teton County Wildlife Crossings Master Plan Action Summary

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The Teton County Wildlife Crossings Master Plan Action Summary reflects the recommendations of the advisory committee at present. Most of the committee members have been active in conversations about wildlife crossings for several years. The committee is comprised of biologists, county engineers and planners, wildlife experts and advocates who are deeply invested in ensuring that the Master Plan is a usable document for future wildlife-vehicle collision mitigation. This group worked to provide local knowledge of locations, the social landscape, and our assessment of future feasibility to develop recommendations. Ongoing discussions with partners may result in adjustments to the priorities suggested herein. This summary document does not assume any future highway improvement projects, although future project potential and integration opportunities are considered. Also, while locations within Grand Teton National Park may benefit from mitigation consideration, the national park conducts its own wildlife-vehicle mitigation studies and subsequently was not included in this assessment.


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July 9, 2019

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