Living “Bear Wise” in Teton County

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Tips for Reducing Human to Bear Conflicts

  • CONTACT TETON COUNTY TO FIND OUT IF YOU LIVE IN A BEAR CONFLICT PRIORITY AREA. Special garbage-storage regulations may apply to where you live.
  • Keep garbage containers inside a secure building until the morning of pickup.
  • Store recyclable containers, such as pop cans, indoors; the sweet smells attract bears.
  • Store especially smelly garbage, such as meat or fish scraps, in a freezer until it can be taken to a refuse site.
  • Do not leave food from barbeques and picnics outdoors, especially overnight; coolers are not bear-proof.
  • Replace hummingbird feeders with hanging flower baskets which are also attractive to hummingbirds.
  • Store pet food inside and feed pets inside.
  • Clean and store barbeque grills after each use, put them in a secure shed or garage.
  • Pick fruit from trees as soon as its ripe and collect fallen fruit immediately
  • Do not put out feed for wildlife (corn, oats, pellets, three-way, nor molasses blocks). It is not only harmful to wildlife, it is prohibited by a Teton County Ordinance.

Bear Wise Bird Feeders

Click here for a PDF version of a Bear Wise bird feeder design.

Forty percent (40%) of human/bear conflicts in Teton County are related to bird feeders. For a bear, bird seed is a tasty high-calorie, low-effort snack. Unfortunately, bears who become conditioned to getting food from bird feeders often get into other trouble around people’s homes with garbage, pet food, animal feed, fruit trees, or gardens.

Land Development Regulations in Teton County require that from April 1 – November 30, all bird feeders (including hummingbird) must be hung at least 10 feet high and four feet away from any supporting structure and have a catch pan for seed. JHWF is working to educate people about the existence of this regulation and provide information on other ways to enjoy birds around your home.


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July 8, 2019

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