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This is the spot to keep track of many wildlife friendly and nature events in Jackson Hole. You’ll not only find the JHWF events like fence projects, Nature Mapping certification trainings, potlucks & picnics, but also events of interest from the wildlife-loving community in Teton County.

Sept. 20 | Nature Mapping Jackson Hole Certification Training

September 20: Nature Mapping Jackson Hole Certification Training
Want to become a Nature Mapper? The next Nature Mapping Certification Training is on September 20 at the Teton County Library from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Volunteer Coordinator and Certification Trainer Frances Clark will lead a course to introduce wildlife enthusiasts to the Nature Mapping Jackson Hole program. She will provide basic species identification training and guide participants through the process that will enable them to add their observations to the NMJH database.

Oct. 10 | Meghan Warren from Teton Raptor Center with Special Avian Guests

October 10: Meghan Warren, Teton Raptor Center Rehabilitation Coordinator with special avian guests
Join us at the Teton County Library, 6-8 pm for a special program highlighting Teton Raptor Center’s raptor rehabilitation work. Several live avian “patients” will join Rehabilitation Coordinator Meghan Warren as she shares stories of cases that don’t fit the standard mold when it comes to treating birds of prey. While most raptor patients are victims of car strikes and have broken wing,s and many others strike windows, ingest toxins, suffer electrification, or are victims of shooting, sometimes the circumstances that land the bird in rehab were unusual, the treatment plan required special innovation, or the individual bird was particularly unique. Some such stories include the case of the egg-bound Red-tailed Hawk, the orphaned Great Horned Owl, the 34-year-old Bald Eagle, and the Red-tailed Hawk shot in the head. We will discuss these unique cases and more, treatment plans, and how these patients eventually returned to the wild. Co-sponsored by the Jackson Hole Bird and Nature Club and Teton Raptor Center.

Dec. 12 | Nature Mapping Jackson Hole Year in Review with Kate Gersh

December 12: NMJH Year in Review
Join JHWF associate director Kate Gersh at the Teton County Library, 6-8 pm for an update on the 2017 Nature Mapping Jackson Hole data and activities. Sponsored by the Jackson Hole Bird and Nature Club.

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